R/E-99 AEW&C – Challenger Models – 1/72 by Giovani Pozzobom

Hello friends,

The R/E-99 is a AEW&C aircraft based on the comercial jet ERJ-145 from Embraer, the R/E-99 has developed to Brazilian Air Force, but have operators on Greece and new sales are possible to China and Latin American countries.

A little time ago i build this model from brazilian Resin Kits manufacturer Challenger models, The kit have a nice details and recessed panel lines. The Challenger R/E-99 is very accurated with the real bird, and permits to represent a very realistic model. The price is not expensive in relation with the size of the model, and is highly recommended for modellers that love Awac or bigger planes.

I build this OOB, use Humbrol 128 to fuselage color and is a easy build, i have not problms on the progress, the decals are very nice and faithfull with the real birds.

So, if you want build a R/E-99 contact Mr. Nilton Dos Passos, from Challenger Models at:

challengermodelismo @ floripa.com.br

or visit:


hope you enjoy


Giovani Pozzobom