Review – Eagles of the Southern Sky by Tainan Books

The Air War in the Southern Pacific was one of the most wild during the WWII. The advance of the Japanese forces over south pacific could be the great key for rising sun wins on the conflict. With special interest in the actions of the Air operations the Tainan Books release a great book with a deep investigation about the realities and results of this particular air war of the Pacific Theater.

The Book

On a first look, the book surprise us by the excellent visual composition and organization that turn clear that is a historical publication with a research work accurate and obviously fine executed.

The book is letter size, with card covers and comprises 352 pages with 95 colour profiles of Japanese and Allied aircraft, 8 colour maps and 28 computer generated images of protagonists’ aircraft set against actual New Guinea terrain.  For modellers, there are Tainan Kokutai colour codings and a set of photos showing the oxidisation and thermal ageing/fading of the original, overall colour scheme applied to the Tainan Model 21 fighters.  And finally, over 380 b&w photos complete the vast pictorial content.

As I said first the book presents a deep historical and photographic investigation of the characteristics and realities of the war in pacific. The aircrafts used are amazingly represented in awesome profiles and arts which provides an objective and complete view of the aerial fighting over New Guinea throughout 1942 from both sides.  Not since the Saburo Sakai’s story of the Tainan Air Wing in ‘Samurai’ which gave just a glimpse of the fighting over New Guinea, has this story included the Japanese point of view and never in this much detail.

The work is researched and written by two WW2 authors, four contributing editors, and nine specialists whose expertise is the Pacific air war. The authors are Michael John Claringbould and Luca Ruffato, supported by the niche expertise of Steve Birdsall, Larry Hickey, Ed DeKiep, and Gordon Birkett.


The book is a bible for modelers interested in the history and references about the Air Forces involved in the battles in southern Pacific, 1942. The Authors have made an terrific work of research and we have in hand the definitive publication about this theme. I recommend to all modelers interested in air war and specific about the WWII themes.

Special Thanks to Tainan Books for this Review Sample.

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